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Life Coaching in Southampton

Welcome to the beginning of your change journey. You may have a clear idea of your goals, i.e. what you would like to transform... Anxiety, motivation, self-esteem or confidence or you'd like be the best you can be in thinking, relationships or just for the future. 

This page describes the actual session and assignment (group of sessions). 

Congratulations on finding me. You have chosen to work with someone who has your very best interests in mind. I WANT YOU TO ACHIEVE!

Here is a simplified overview of a typical coaching assignment of 6 Sessions:

Session One 

This 2 hour session will assist you to understand what you can expect from your coach and also what you should expect of yourself, this is called contracting.  We will then explore the overall aim of the coaching and understand who you are and what exactly we will achieve and by when. We will also touch upon those barriers to success.

Session Two - Five

Using a number of coaching tools, in these 1.5 hour sessions we will identify what your  options are and where the steps along the way lead to. In addition, identifying and eliminating blockers to these micro-goals will happen. 

Session Six

This is the final session where a thorough review of the assignment takes place, and how the new behaviours will remain sustainable. 

Interim Sessions

A brief 30 minute meeting in the week following sessions 2-6 to ensure that actions are measured and accounted.

What can you expect in the life coaching sessions?

  • A collaborative, trusting, safe and non-judgemental relationship

  • Active and Insight listening

  • Non-directive and directive question sets

  • Development of key goals and improvements in individual skill-sets

  • Gaining a sense of flow in the sessions

  • Emotionally mature coaching

  • Honesty, robust feedback and challenges

  • Motivation and decisiveness

  • Increasing confidence in achieving success 

  • Imbedding of sustainable behaviours

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