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What is Coaching? 

The focus of effective coaching:

  • To identify goals

  • To feel supported

  • To understand and eliminate blockages

  • To transform and motivate

  • To achieve success

I will use a variety of tools and techniques to facilitate your desired change:

  • Coaching techniques - asking the right questions

  • Challenging you and allowing critical thinking 

  • Counselling if needed to understand emotional blockages and self-limited beliefs

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

  • Cognitive Behavioural Coaching

  • Positive reframing

  • Hypnotherapy - to clear those emotional blocks and change beliefs and break / instil and reinforce new habits 

As a coach, I will offer challenge, share experiences, and provide direction whenever relevant. 

Not all coaching is concerned about obtaining success through action, coaching is often used to support, reduce stress and change perceptions, beliefs and transform paradigms for growth. 

How will we achieve this in coaching?

As a Doctor of Coaching & Mentoring, my specific area of expertise is generating insights in coaching. This means that I understand what works and what causes insight. My thesis is entitled: 

"Exploring the events that lead to insight in coaching sessions: Identifying structures through experiences."

My thesis can be found in the British and Oxford Brookes' Library. Here are the references to this and my academic articles:

Lightfoot, I. (2016). The Case for Hypnotherapy as an Aide to Stroke Rehabilitation. The Hypnotherapy Journal. 16(5), pp.8-11.

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