Coaching Supervision in Southampton and Hampshire

As a coach, you already understand the importance of reflective practice. Supervision brings:

  • Internal compliance opportunities

  • Checks on coach wellbeing

  • Is a source of advice, learning and support

  • Assurance of quality and ethics

  • Supports professionalism and corporate requirement

A one-to-one meeting which allows the coach and supervisor  to explore and in some cases recreate assignments and sessions to explore the key moments. Not only do these reflections act as a check on content and flow, they also can provide solutions to help the coaching assignment move forward. The sessions also bring reassurance and assurance, and checks on self-awareness and competence. 

Every coach will need someone to talk to and ask for advice. By engaging with a supervisor ahead of needing a supervisor is always advisable and beneficial.

"A co-created learning relationship that supports the coach in their development"

Supervision is not simply a coaching session for the coach, as many people would believe. There is much more to supervision. I use the 'Full Spectrum' model of supervision in my practice. Over the years of my supervision practice, I have found it to be extremely useful in guiding me. The model provides a framework of professional development tools and methodologies. Uniquely, this model suggests sessions exist within the domains of mind, body and spirit.


Problems, difficulties and challenges can arise in coaching sessions and with coach/client relationships. These can stem from any of the stakeholders; ethics; transference; results; engagement; shared knowledge; beliefs and lots more. The supervision session exists to support the coaching session and, indirectly the client. Organisations often insist on coaches being supervised before engaging with a coach. 


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I would like to leave you with a question... 


"Are you practically or professionally contracting? Do you know the difference and how are you psychologically contracting?"

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