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The Future You

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Sunday 25th September 2022

Monday 17th October 2022

Location: The Barn at Friends Farm, Swanwick Lane, SO31 7DX.

(All refreshments and an amazing plant-based Lunch is included)


Do you feel like there is a need to change? Feeling like life is passing you by and that you aren't getting out of life what you want? Feeling like if you do not make changes now it will be too late? You are not the only one. Everyday, people seek to make changes that will help them to live a more fulfilled and happier, more content life into the future. 

If you wish to live life, rather than survive... If you wish to live how you want, and not as others expect you to... Then this day's self-development course could be the best thing you ever do for you. 

Join us and learn how to:

"Do your best; for you; for your loved ones; and, for the future you"

There is no hard sell. This day is going to be an experience which could change your perception and outlook, habits and beliefs, and bring contentment for you into the future.  

Find out below what you will learn from this amazing day... 


Discover Contentment

To find a better balance in life, to discover and understand why contentment is a component of happiness. You will be making a decision on what is important to you in your life. 

Discover your purpose

To live freely you will begin to understand that material possessions and to covet those aren't compatible with contentment. You will begin to seek a purpose, meaning and learn to give freely; see other's needs and to love, seek peace, enjoy work. 


Choose Health and Prosperity

Be physically mindful of the importance of your own health, physically, mentally and spiritually. Begin to see the body as the vehicle for the transport of the consciousness and to experience life. 

Develop and improve Relationships

Improve your relationships, be settled, let go of issues that are holding you back. Express your feelings and understand how to listen. Develop a feeling of confidence and increased self-esteem. Respect yourself and others. 


Exercise your mind to find creative answers. 

Your life will never be the same again.

Book Now - £170 - Don't Miss Out

Flexible Payment Options Available

Payment Options:

There are a number of ways to invest in yourself and to be able to pay for your day. Your change is extremely important and we do not want you to miss out. 


  • Pay now in full

  • Pay 50% now 50% on the day

  • Contact me to arrange a payment plan to spread it over a number of payments.